I Wear Mom’s Wedding Dress

Throughout most of my childhood I was curious about how different my life might have been if I had been born a girl. I had learned at a very young age that Mom really wanted me to be a girl. Dad also wanted me to be a girl but I feel that was mostly because he knew how much Mom wanted me to be a girl. When I was a toddler my Mom would often dress me up as a girl. It was our pretend game. Then when I was a bit older Mom would let me dress in a girl’s costume for Halloween. This always made Daddy a bit upset. He got really upset with my behavior when as a boy of nine I went through a ‘phase.’ It did not feel like a phase to me but when my parents spoke of my girly preferences they often used the word ‘phase.’ I do not know if Mom was tolerate of me during this phase, or if she was simply accepting or if it could be said that she encouraged it. On different occasions I got different vibes from her about indulging my desire to dress as a girl. The day she had me try on her wedding dress I would have to say she was very encouraging. She spoke of how much she had wanted me to be a girl so one day I could wear her wedding dress in my own wedding.

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